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Webinar ‘Beyond Impact: Essential Tools for Investing in the Sustainable Transition’

Strategy insights

“Investing in the sustainable transition requires making an opinion about the world around you. Your investment house must identify the solutions that align with your intended outcomes, sometimes this can be the most difficult part.”

This was one of the key messages of Erik Breen, Triodos Investment Mangement’s Director of Socially Responsible Investment, in the masterclass-style webinar ‘Beyond Impact: Essential Tools for Investing in the Sustainable Transition’. The webinar was part of the BrightTALK’s ESG, Impact & Ethical Summit.

The programme targeted asset management professionals with an intermediate-to-high understanding of basic socially responsible investment strategies, seeking to demystify the starting points and potential operational challenges they may encounter when developing a sustainable transition investment platform.

The webinar session focused on three key takeaways including:

  1. Positive inclusion, negative screening and ESG integration investment strategies each work within spectrums from light to dark green;
  2. Investable sustainable transition opportunities can be identified by evaluating global trends, challenges and their associated sustainable solutions; and
  3. Internally collected and outsourced sustainability data both have operational benefits and challenges that need to be balanced for successful sustainable transition investment implementation.

Listen to the recording here.

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