Listen to the webinar on BrightTALK with economists Hans Stegeman and Joeri de Wilde explaining the impact of COVID-19 on the economy and financial markets. Despite all the uncertainty surrounding the corona pandemic, it is clear that the economic impact will be severe. The eventual recovery will be determined by the severity and duration of the lock-down measures and the implemented fiscal policies.

When the time has come to rebuild our economy, monetary and fiscal policies should follow an investment agenda that supports the transition towards a more sustainable world
Hans Stegeman, Head of Investment Analysis & Economics

Transition agenda

Because of its size and its impact, now is the time to think about longer-term green fiscal and monetary policies that are vital to achieve this drastic change in economic system. We simply can’t afford to put seemingly less urgent matters such as climate change, biodiversity loss and growing inequality on hold. They will also present some ideas on how to best achieve a more robust, sustainable and inclusive economic system.

Webinar Economic Outlook

Listen now to the BrightTALK webinar 'Global recession inevitable, but where will it end?'