The idea behind EINHUNDERT Solar GmbH is to combine the financing expertise and equity capital resources of Triodos Energy Transition Europe Fund with the strong market position and growth of EINHUNDERT in the German real estate solar electrification market. “EINDHUNDERT is determined to be a market maker in the energy transition of Germany’s multi-tenant building stock”, says EINHUNDERT CEO and founder, Dr. Ernesto Garnier. “The ability to finance rooftop solar systems at scale in a highly standardized fashion adds significant momentum to our growth trajectory and to the uniqueness of our offer for real estate companies.”

Vincent van Haarlem, Fund Manager of Triodos Energy Transition Europe Fund: “With this strategic partnership we support EINHUNDERT in offering their smart, digitalised solution for decarbonisation by unburdening their customers of the financial investment necessary to decarbonise. As such, we jointly aim to contribute to the acceleration of the energy transition.”

To emphasize the strategic relevance of this partnership, Triodos Energy Transition Europe Fund also invests in EINHUNDERT itself in order to become a minority shareholder. Daphne Postma, Investment Manager at Triodos Energy Transition Europe Fund, will manage the partnership for the fund and also joins the advisory board of EINHUNDERT Energie GmbH.

For more information, please see the full press release issued by EINHUNDERT.

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