Investment strategists Maritza Cabezas, Joeri de Wilde and Hans Stegeman discuss current economic topics and political developments and how they relate to sustainability. Even if they have a keen eye for market moving events, this podcast is not to be taken as investment advice. It's intended to provoke your thoughts and spark a discussion.

Listen to Maritza Cabezas, Joeri de Wilde, and Hans Stegeman in Macro Monthly #1.

Episode 1 – Ukraine and inflation

In this first episode, Maritza, Joeri, and Hans discuss the following trending topics:

  • How will central banks deal with rising inflation rates?
  • What could happen in Ukraine and how would this affect markets?
  • The EU taxonomy - Hans' frustration of the month
Markets have always overreacted and have always expected more rate hikes than actually materialised.
Joeri de Wilde

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Disclaimer: This podcast was recorded a few days prior to the Russian attacks on Ukraine.