Investment strategists Maritza Cabezas, Joeri de Wilde and Hans Stegeman discuss current economic topics and political developments and how they relate to sustainability. Although some of the discussed topics might turn out to be market moving events, this podcast is not to be taken as investment advice. It's intended to provoke your thoughts and spark a discussion.

This is a perspective we should not forget: that we can also see positive things come out of a bad thing
Hans Stegeman

Episode 2 – Transitions in uncertain times

In this second episode, Maritza, Joeri, and Hans discuss the following trending topics:

  • Inflation, interest rates, and investment.
  • The war in Ukraine: How does the war affect energy, resource and food transitions, and global cooperation.
  • Arms and ESG – Hans’ frustration of the month.

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Q2 2022 Economic Outlook

All elements of this multifaceted war, from cyberattacks to economic sanctions, have the same effect on the economic process: more uncertainty, less confidence, and less willingness to consume or invest. In our newly published Advanced Economies Outlook and Emerging Markets Outlook, we explore the economic effects of the war in Ukraine.