Investment strategists Maritza Cabezas, Joeri de Wilde and Hans Stegeman discuss current economic topics and political developments and how they relate to sustainability. Listen to episode 5 'Good bubbles, bad bubbles'.

If a lot of money flows into all kinds of renewables, given higher valuations, and making it cheaper for people to create sustainable infrastructure, that could be a bubble, but it would be a bubble with real positive consequences.
Hans Stegeman

Episode 5 – Good bubbles, bad bubbles

In this new episode, Maritza, Joeri, and Hans discuss the following topics:

  • What's happening to the macro-economic environment? (inflation, interest rates and the war in Ukraine).
  • Hans’ frustration of the month: the stubborn belief in green growth.
  • The phenomenon of bubbles: what is a bubble, and are they always bad?
  • Data of the month: S&P 500 - will the bear market continue?

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