DO-IT has built up relationships with 180 suppliers in more than 20 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America, from which DO-IT buys over 850 products; from nuts, quinoa, dried fruit and sugar to rice and olive oil. Two of its products: Biorganica and Ma's Foods are also investments in the Triodos Sustainable Trade Fund.

DO-IT works very closely with local farmers and cooperatives and shares knowledge about organic farming practices. DO-IT has also launched two consumer brands – La BIO IDEA and Amaizin – which are available in European health-food stores.

Impact figures 2016

Number of small-scale farmers involved in sourcing5,000
Organic certification and product traceability100%

The long-term investment from Triodos Organic Growth Fund supports DO-IT in its ambition to considerably increase the offering in organic products and improve the position of local farmers.