One of the largest organic jasmine rice producers and a leader in environmental practice
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Urmatt was founded in 1999 by Arvind Narula, a Thai farmer with a deep connection to the community.

Urmatt produces and processes fully certified organic rice, while also producing chia and coconut during the rice off-season and sells the rice largely to the USA, Denmark, and Germany.

It is located in the northern region of Thailand and has grown to become one of the largest organic jasmine rice producers in the world. Urmatt’s transition to 100% organic operations has made it a leader in its environmental practice.

Impact figures 2016

Number of farmers


Number of sustainably cultivated hectares


Trade finance from Triodos Sustainable Trade Fund enables Urmatt to increase its organic rice activities and expand its product line while paying farmers a fair and immediate wage upon delivery. A loan from Hivos-Triodos Fund is used to expand Urmatt’s processing capacity.

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