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Arts and culture play an important role in the development of individuals and the cohesion of society through inspiration and connection.

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Arts and culture provoke thought, introspection, discussion, and also understanding. They inspire, enlighten and enhance the development of individuals and the community as a whole. A society in which quality of life takes a central place therefore needs a rich cultural diversity and cultural facilities.

The funding of arts and culture has changed over the past years. With government subsidies having been cut, cultural entrepreneurship has become increasingly important, as has the role of alternative sources of financing. A strong, dynamic cultural sector should not depend on a single source of funding and should be able to call on different funding sources. Triodos offers an arts and culture fund as an alternative funding source. 

Our mission

By financing artists and cultural organisations, we aim to stimulate cultural entrepeneurship and safeguard a vivid and diverse cultural sector.

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Impact goals

1. Stimulate and support a vivid and diverse cultural sector

The cultural sector is dynamic and versatile and we focus on cultural initiatives, regardless of their size, that emphasise different activities such as artist workspaces, theatres, or museums.

2. Promote cultural entrepreneurship

Cultural entrepreneurship is booming. Many institutions are wholly or partly commercial and target a wide and diverse audience. We finance innovative cultural entrepreneurs to help increase impact.

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Investment approach

We provide loans to municipalities, government-related organisations, cultural organisations, artists and other companies and institutions in the Netherlands. These are all active in or provide services to the cultural sector in its broadest sense.

The loans in our Triodos Cultuurfonds loan portfolio  can be subdivided into three categories:

Loans to municipalities

These loans generally have a lower risk and therefore also have a lower return.

Loans backed by a mortgage on property

The loans in this category, generally intended for institutions or artists that are buying and/or renovating a property, are characterised by moderate risks and returns.

Loans backed by other types of security

Depending on the solidity of the security, which may include pledged inventories or guarantees, the loans in this category are riskier and therefore in general render a higher return. Under certain preconditions, we also provide loans without any guarantee.

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