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Asset ClassesListed equity
Impact strategyImpact Equities and Bonds
Bloomberg tickerADEN SW
ISIN codeCH0012138605
Industry groupCommercial & Professional Services
Aligned with SDGs
  • No poverty
  • Quality Education
  • Gender Equality

Adecco is the world's largest personnel services company. The company was established in 1996 after the merger of Adia and Ecco, two of the world's biggest firms in this field at the time. Adecco supplies personnel and temporary help, and offers permanent placement services for professionals and specialists in a range of occupations.

Through Adecco’s services 700,000 people per day are assigned work on a permanent or flexible basis at more than 100,000 organisations worldwide. Adecco has more than 5,000 offices and is headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland.

Investment rationale

Nearly all of Adecco’s activities relate to the provision of basic services, notably employment. Adecco stands out from its competitors via its initiatives designed to increase work opportunities for all, regardless of gender, ability or age. Its current initiatives include Way to Work (offering young people opportunities to gain work experience through internships within Adecco or with one of its clients), an athlete career program (via which Adecco has so far supported over 40,000 Paralympic, Olympic and elite athletes with career training and finding employment), and programs focused on gender parity.

Adecco demonstrates a strong commitment to equality in its own workforce as well, with 65% female representation in total and >50% also on the management level. Through its products and services Adecco contributes to lifelong learning, more gender equality, reduced inequalities and decent work for many people.