Chr. Hansen Holding A/S

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ISIN codeDK0060227585
Industry groupMaterials
Aligned with SDGs
  • Zero Hunger
  • Good health and well-being

Danish specialty chemicals company Chr. Hansen focuses on bioscience for the development and production of natural ingredients for the food, nutritional, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries. The company operates in two divisions: Food Cultures & Enzymes and Health & Nutrition. Its Food Cultures & Enzymes Division develops, produces and sells cultures, enzymes and probiotics for the food industry in general, including dairy industry. The Health & Nutrition Division offers products for dietary supplements, over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, infant formula and animal feed.

Chr. Hansen has a diverse customer base in over 140 countries through subsidiaries in more than 30 countries, serving large multinationals, regional and local customers, from farmers and dairies to other food & beverage manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies. The company is named after its founder, Christian D. A. Hansen, a pioneering Danish chemist whose work focused on enzymes. The company is headquartered in Hørsholm, Denmark and employs roughly 3,700 people.

Investment rationale

Chr. Hansen leverages the natural properties of probiotics, which can help limit food waste, antibiotic overuse, reduce the need for pesticides in farming, and increase yield. According to the system developed by Chr. Hansen to map its products against the SDGs and to document the impact that each of its products would have on the sub-goals, it was reported that 82% of the company’s revenue supported sustainable agricultural practices, good health and less waste.

Chr. Hansen contributes to more sustainable agricultural practice through plant probiotics and silage inoculants. These products improve plant health, which diminishes the use of fertilizers and pesticides. The company also provides cultures that improve farmer milk yield per cow, which will result in fewer cows and less carbon emissions.
The company also contributes to global health through its probiotics and healthy food ingredients. The company's probiotics for animals contribute to better farming and good health, as they help prevent the use of antibiotics.
Chr. Hansen’s bioprotective cultures can extend shelf life and reduce food waste by preventing products from perishing, thus contributing to more sustainable food production.