Cooper Companies, Inc.

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Asset ClassesListed equity
Impact strategyImpact Equities and Bonds
ISIN codeUS2166484020
Industry groupHealthcare equipment and services
Aligned with SDGs
  • Good health and well-being

Cooper is a global medical devices company operating in two segments: CooperVision (~75% of revenues) and CooperSurgical (~25%). CooperVision provides vision care products, mostly (soft) contact lenses and products for practitioner support. CooperVision also has a small but rapidly growing product suite to improve myopia in children. CooperSurgical has a diversified portfolio of products and services focused on fertility and genomics, used primarily by gynaecologists and obstetricians. CooperSurgical provides medical devices, diagnostic products, and surgical instruments and accessories that advance the health of women, babies and families. Cooper was originally a challenger in an established market, but through acquisitions and a leading position in silicon hydrogel lenses, the company has established a strong competitive position. The company generates about 45% of its sales in the US and nearly 30% in Europe. Cooper was founded in 1958.

Investment rationale

CooperVision (CVI) is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of soft contact lenses, featuring advanced materials and optics. CVI has been among the early users of silicone hydrogel technology which has some health benefits compared to traditional contact lens materials, including a lower risk of eye infections. CVI is also advancing the range of what contact lenses can do, such as introducing contact lenses proven to slow the progression of myopia (nearsightedness) in children aged 8-12. CVI has been an early innovator in this field as the company has invented a myopia management contact lens called MiSight. The objective of MiSight is to correct and halt the progression of myopia in children.

CooperSurgical (CSI) focuses on women’s and babies' health, covering products and services used primarily by obstetricians and gynaecologists. This includes surgical and laparoscopic instruments for women’s surgery, but also products and services used for in vitro fertilisation (IVF), contraception and obstetrical and neonatal care. CSI's fertility and reproductive genomics product suite plays an important role in fertility clinics worldwide. Many of CSI's products are critical to maintaining women’s health.