FREYR Battery

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Asset ClassesListed equity
Impact strategyImpact Equities and Bonds
Bloomberg tickerFREY US
ISIN codeLU2360697374
Industry groupCapital Goods
Aligned with SDGs

FREYR Battery produces emerging clean battery solutions for a better planet. The company designs and manufactures lithium-ion batteries. FREYR Battery serves electric mobility, stationary energy storage, marine, and aviation applications worldwide.

Investment rationale

Freyr produces semi-solid batteries, licensed via 24M. Whereas conventional li-ion batteries only use liquid electrolyte, 24M's batteries combine liquid electrolyte with solid active materials, which provides some key advantages. Semi-solid batteries are projected to have higher energy density than conventional li-ion batteries. 24M has reached 350 Wh/kg in the lab, compared to Tesla's which is seen as the best conventional li-ion battery and currently gets to 250-260 Wh/kg. In addition, material cost is expected to be around 40% lower due to lower active material use (less copper and aluminium, and no separator use).