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Asset ClassesListed equity
Impact strategyImpact Equities and Bonds
Bloomberg ticker3405 JP
ISIN codeJP3269600007
Industry groupMaterials
Aligned with SDGs

Established in 1926 as a producer of rayon (artificial silk), Kuraray was the first in the world in 1950 to bring polyvinyl alcohol synthetic fiber (Kuralon) to the market. Over the years, the company has developed into a specialty chemical and fiber manufacturer, producing raw materials, intermediate materials and final products. Products include special resins, fine chemicals, inter-layer films for safety glass, gas barrier free food packaging and fuel tanks, light guide plates for LCDs and automotive lighting, activated carbon for water purification and waste-water treatment, high strength reinforcing materials for cement/concrete and automotive brakes, non-woven fabrics for industrial products (wipers, filtration, etc), magic tape for clothing, sporting goods and industrial use, dental materials, non-woven fabrics for clothing, tents an sporting goods, and other products. The company's R&D focuses on developing environmental products. Kuraray has 11,000 employees worldwide.

Investment rationale

Having fresh and clean water and air is essential for humans, animals and for the environment. Filters play a crucial role in purifying water and air. Kuraray produces activated carbon materials that have unique adsorption characteristics making it the most efficient and highest quality material to produce filters. Another type of filter is made from synthetic fiber.

The company also makes barrier free food packaging that delays spoilage and extends the shelf life of fresh food reducing food waste. Its biodegradable packaging contributes to reducing plastic waste. Other products with positive impact are: heat-resistant material for electric vehicles, dental materials such as crowns, bridges and filling materials, artificial leather and many others.