Invested through
  • Triodos Food Transition Europe Fund
Asset ClassesPrivate equity
Impact strategySustainable Food and Agriculture
Amount of input sourced sustainably61%
Aligned with SDGs
  • Good health and well-being

Naty is a worldwide market leader in environmentally friendly hygiene products for babies and women. The company is radically changing the rules of the market by focusing on using renewable materials that are good for the environment and the health of our bodies with no hazardous chemicals. Across its product offer, Naty focuses on creating biodegradable products that use natural inputs and are produced in a transparent and ethical manner. Naty’s diapers are largely compostable, its wet wipes are already certified for home composting while it works towards making all other products compostable as well. In addition, Naty shares all details about the materials and sourcing of its inputs; it has a range of certifications to demonstrate this. Triodos Food Transition Europe Fund invested in Naty in 2016 to support he company in its growth ambitions.