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Power Integrations designs, develops, and markets analog integrated circuits (ICs) used in power converters that convert electricity from a high-voltage source to the type of power required for a specified downstream use. The company operates in three main product categories. Firstly, the AC-DC (90% of revenues) accounts for very broad applications in products such as chargers, adapters or computer servers. Secondly, the high-voltage gate drivers ( accounts for applications in products such as solar panels or railways. Thirdly, the motor-driver ICs find their application in products such as industrial motors. The company sells its products mainly in Asia (80% of revenues), but also in Europe and the US (both 10% of revenues).

Investment rationale

Power Integrations positive impact is twofold. On the one hand, the production of integrated circuits (ICs) allows for the efficient use of a broad range of technologies ranging from chargers, adapters all the way to solar panels and railway applications. For example, Power Integrations' EcoSmart energy-efficiency technology reduces the amount of energy consumed by electronic products when they are not in use. This has prevented billions of dollars' worth of energy waste and millions of tons of carbon emissions.

On the other hand, the company produces more efficiently than its competition (70% fewer components). It does so by integrating the micro controller and the other components into one package. This results in a product that is smaller, less complex and more durable since there are fewer components that can break. The company's positive impact is generated through its entire product portfolio, aimed at efficient energy usage.
The company's current and future impact potential is very large as ICs are used in many high-growth products such as solar panels, E-bikes, and windmills.