Invested through
  • Triodos Microfinance Fund
  • Triodos Fair Share Fund
Asset ClassesPrivate debt
Impact strategyFinancial Inclusion
Number of borrowers reached109,582
Female borrowers71%
Rural borrowers68%
Aligned with SDGs
  • No poverty

Microfinance institution Thardeep is active in the South-Eastern part of the Sindh province in Pakistan. Thardeep’s goal is to help unbanked/unserved micro-entrepreneurs increase their income through doorstep microfinance services without collateral. It provides a variety of financial products to help equip client with the knowledge and skills required to reduce poverty and drive sustainable development. and services around 175,000 clients, of which two-thirds female.

Thardeep offers different loan products with loan sizes between USD 70 and USD 3,500, including specialised loans for agriculture, livestock, education and renewable energy. It also offers life and health insurance and is piloting a livestock insurance program.

With the specialised loan for renewable energy Thardeep addresses a big problem in Pakistan: power cuts. This greatly impacts small-scale entrepreneurs. During load shedding they have to rely on a generator that cost quite a lot of money on diesel. Specialised financing by Thardeep enables them to install solar panels that improve their business operations, reduce operating costs, and contribute to lowering air pollution.