Wind park Oude Mol

Invested through
  • Triodos Energy Transition Europe Fund
  • Triodos Multi Impact Fund
  • Triodos Impact Strategy Fund - Defensive
  • Triodos Impact Strategy Fund - Balanced
  • Triodos Impact Strategy Fund - Offensive
  • Triodos Impact Strategy Fund - Dynamic
Asset ClassesPrivate debt
Impact strategyEnergy and Climate
Aligned with SDGs

Wind park de Oude Mol is an initiative of Renewable Energy Factory, the municipality Strijen and local family Dekker who has had a farm in the area since 1987. According to Koos Dekker, farmers are in the unique position to make our food as well as energy system more sustainable. Seeing that his farm increasingly feels the impact of climate change he sees renewable energy generation as a necessity but also as an opportunity for farmers. Together with developer Renewable Energy Factory and the municipality he has taken the initiative to replace the six existing wind turbines of Windpark Clothildis by four more modern ones which will form Windpark Oude Mol in 2022. This will enable the project to supply 15,000 instead of 3,000 local households with renewable energy.