Socially Responsible Investing Engagement Report 2017

Triggering sustainability improvement

Engagement highlights

Key achievements

Sustainability performance

Triodos IM uses a diverse range of indicators to assess the sustainability performance of listed companies. This allows the funds to determine how sustainable a company is compared to its peers.

Top 5 engagement topics 2017

Proxy voting 2017

As a shareholder, Triodos IM votes at the annual general shareholders’ meetings (AGM) of the companies we invest in.

Minimum standards

Triodos Investment Management does not fund any business engaged in activities that are harmful to individuals, society or the environment.

Outlook 2018

In 2018, we will enhance our engagement and voting practises. And we will continue our work on minimum standards to make sure they take into consideration latest developments and best practices in relevant industries.

Invest for impact

Today’s global challenges need impact investing

Suggested funds

Socially Responsible Investing Strategy

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