Thardeep offers different loan products with loan sizes between USD 70 and USD 3,500, including specialised loans for agriculture, livestock, education and renewable energy. It also offers life and health insurance and is currently piloting a livestock insurance program.

In 2017, Ranomal received the Citi-PPAF Best Micro- Entrepreneur Award. The cash price of Rs. 250,000. he invested in his business.

Client story

Ranomal runs a family business that produces hand-made mattresses, pillow covers and quilts. His business was going well but power cuts were a big problem. During load shedding he had to rely on a generator that cost him around Rs. 30,000 (EUR 170) per month on diesel. Specialised financing by Thardeep enabled him to install solar panels that improved his business operations, reduced operating costs, and contributed to lowering air pollution.

He has expanded his business and now has 17 sewing machines, of which three are digital, plus a team of 13 workers. Besides mattress and pillow covers, Ranomal also makes quilts. These quilts are sold on orders in North Karachi and earn a profit of around Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 10,000 on average per order.

The loan from Triodos Microfinance Fund and Triodos Fair Share Fund will support Thardeep in realising its growth ambitions, especially focusing on the rural regions in the country that currently have less access to finance. Sono Khangharani, CEO of Thardeep: “We have found a mission-aligned and reputed investor in Triodos Investment Management, whose support is very important in increasing our outreach and advance financial inclusion in rural Pakistan.” Investment Officer Constant Tilman: “Thardeep is well-positioned to continue its further expansion, thereby supporting the entrepreneurial spirit of its clients. We look forward to building a long-term relation with this mission-driven institution.”


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