Our mission reflected in how we work

Triodos IM has developed processes and policies to reflect who we are

In addition to the broad vision and key values that underpin our business, we have a number of principles that guide and support our day-to-day decision-making. Our business principles apply to everyone who works for the Triodos Group, including Triodos Investment Management, in any capacity. They serve as a code of conduct and also set the standard by which internal and external stakeholders can judge us. We are committed to:

Promoting sustainable development

Considering the social, environmental and financial impacts of everything we do

Respecting and obeying the law

In every country where we do business

Respecting human rights

Of individuals, and within different societies and cultures, supporting the aims of the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Respecting the environment

Doing all we can to create and encourage positive environmental impacts

Being accountable

To all our stakeholders for all our actions

Continuous improvement

Always looking for better ways of doing things in every area of our business

In addition to our commitment to the business principles, Triodos IM also follows  a strict remuneration policy that also applies to Triodos Group.

Licences and registrations

As a fund manager, Triodos IM is licensed under the Dutch Act on financial supervision (Wet op het Financieel toezicht – Wft). The Wft contains provisions for sound operations and the duty to act in the best interest of the participants.

Most of our funds are governed under Dutch law. Triodos SICAV I and Triodos SICAV II are registered under the Luxembourg authority CSSF, and are as such governed by the laws of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Codes and principles

In addition, we also base our fund governance code on the Principles of Fund Governance which are drafted and published by the Dutch Fund and Asset Management Association (DUFAS). Triodos IM is a member of DUFAS.

In addition Triodos IM is a signatory to the United Nations Principles on Responsible Investment, see report; fulfils the transparency code as set by EUROSIF, see report; and complies with the best practice guidelines of Eumedion apart from best practice 5. Regarding best practices 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 and 9, see our SRI investment strategy, our SRI Investment & Stewardship Policy, our minimum standards, our latest engagement report, our proxy voting guidelines and our proxy voting ballots located at the bottom of our Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) impact strategy page. Triodos IM publishes its engagement policy and practices. We thereby fully comply with the best practice guidelines of Eumedion. Regarding best practice 10, Triodos IM does not make use of share lending and borrowing.

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