Paving the way for the gigabit society

Deutsche Telekom AG (DT) is an integrated telecommunications company serving worldwide private customers, enterprises and public institutions. The company strives to be the leading European telecom provider. DT has 168 million mobile customers, 28 million fixed-network lines, and 19 million broadband lines. The company operates through five segments: Germany, United States, Europe, Systems Solutions, and Group Development. Due to its core business (providing of telecommunication services) Deutsche Telecom is clearly contribution to Social Inclusion & Empowerment through the provision of basic services.  

Impact investment rationale

  • The company aims to be a pioneer in sustainability and take part in solving today's ecological, economic and social challenges and to systematically leverage state-of-the-art technologies to reduce natural resource consumption, stablise power grids, simplify work processes and improve medical care. 
  • Deutsche Telekom's corporate mission to pave the way for the gigabit society to enable businesses and private customers to communicate under optimal conditions, which plays a key role in achieving broad social inclusion and empowerment.
  • The company directly and indirectly contributes to SDGs 1, 4, 5, and 9.
  • DT runs several strong programs that contribute to the theme Social Inclusion & Empowerment, for example with regard to human rights and human capital.

Deutsche Telekom contributes to the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Social Inclusion and Empowerment

Social inclusion is the creation of facilities or the provision of improved access to facilities to enable people to actively participate in society. Social inclusion is a vital component in building a sustainable society. Individuals and groups need to be and feel able to develop themselves and prosper.

We invest in companies that provide education, inclusive financial services and access to media and information, as well as companies that excel as a role model in advancement of equality.

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