Integrated water treatment

Founded in 1949, Kurita Water Industries provides products, technologies, and maintenance services related to water treatment. The company’s two main business lines consist of water treatment chemicals used for boiler water, cooling water, waste water and in manufacturing processes; and water treatment facilities, such as ultra-pure water production systems, wastewater treatment facilities, and sewage water treatment facilities. The company is headquartered in Tokyo and operates in many different countries across the globe. 

Kurita stands out from its competitors through its integrated business model. Whereas most of its peers either focus on water treatment chemicals or on water treatment facilities, Kurita offers both. The company is also the world largest producer of UltraPure Water, which is typically used in the semi-conductor and other high-tech industries. 

Impact investment rationale 

  • Through its water treatment activities Kurita has a clear positive impact on society and the environment. 
  • The company contributes to preventing and removing environmental pollution, utilizing renewable energy, and treating and recycling waste. 
  • In its 2018 Sustainability Report, the company has set seven priority themes with clear targets: 
    • Provide highly safe services and products 
    • Conduct fair business activities 
    • Respect human rights 
    • Solve issues related to water resources 
    • Realize sustainable energy use 
    • Reduce waste       
    • Advance industrial production technologies 

Kurita Water Industries contributes to the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Renewable Resources

Renewable resources are natural resources that can be replenished naturally in the course of time. Some renewable resources, such as solar and wind energy, have essentially an endless supply. Other resources take time and effort to renew, such as water, wood and oxygen. Although it will take a very long time to replenish them, many precious metals are also considered renewable. They are often not destroyed during extraction and use and can therefore be re-used.

Investment solutions include companies active in the field of clean energy and energy efficiency, clean water and water efficiency, and bio-based materials.

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