Early adapter, doing well

Novo Nordisk is a world leader in diabetes care, aiming to turn the tide of the diabetes pandemic. The number of adults with diabetes has doubled within the past three decades as a result of population growth, ageing and lifestyle choices including unhealthy diets and physical inactivity, and Novo Nordisk seeks to raise awareness and prevention education, improve access to and affordability of care, and to proactively addresses the psychosocial aspects of diabetes. 

Impact investment rationale

  • Novo Nordisk is committed to the triple bottom line principle, which ensures that financial, social and environmental performance are balanced in corporate decision making. This principle is anchored in the company’s Articles of Association and in the Novo Nordisk Way of doing business. 
  • The company maintains strong ethic standards that cover human rights, including patient safety and data protection, bio-ethics, including clinical trials and animal testing, business ethics and responsible sourcing. 
  • This principle is also reflected in the company’s reporting. Novo Nordisk was one of the first companies to publish an integrated report, starting back in 2004. The company has actively participated in the development of the International Integrated Reporting Framework that was developed by the IIRC. In 2016, Novo Nordisk was the first company in the world that reported in full adherence with the Framework it helped to develop. By reporting in one inclusive document Novo Nordisk provides stakeholders with a comprehensive overview of its performance, progress, positions and strategic initiatives.

Novo Nordisk contributes to the following UN Sustainable Development Goal:

Prosperous and Healthy People

Prosperous and healthy people are in a state of physical, mental and social well-being, going beyond the mere absence of disease or infirmity. Essential to reaching a state of well-being is a well-functioning health system that improves the well-being status of individuals, protects people against the financial consequences of ill-health and provides equitable access for all.

We invest in companies that advance health solutions such as medical technology, health care and personal hygiene, as well as companies that promote active lifestyles and leisure.

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