Technology and data

Founded in 2014 by David Arana and Francisco Padilla, Konfío has changed the way SMEs get access to credit and financing. Through its online platform and cloud-based technology, Konfío processes thousands of data points from MSMEs using big data analytics and approves loans in real-time.

Driving financial inclusion

In doing so, Konfío drives financial inclusion in Mexico by giving straightforward, fast and convenient financial solutions at competitive rates that meet the real and actual needs of small businesses. There are approximately 4.5 million SMEs in Mexico but only 500,000 currently have access to credit. Konfío enables underserved businesses, even those without any formal credit history, to benefit from the formal economy and obtain capital to boost their businesses.

Ricardo Balbuena, Investment Officer for Latin America: “Fintech has the power to impact lives in a meaningful way. We see in Konfio a Fintech player that has a sustainable and innovative approach toward providing finance to an underserved segment of the Mexican economy. In doing so, they boost entrepreneurship and contribute to local prosperity. We are happy to be part of their drive and journey and support the long-term strategic vision of the management team.” 

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