Revitalising communities

Southern Bancorp fills this gap as one of the few banks active in this region, and, in many areas, it is the only bank available. Focusing on underserved communities, the bank combines traditional banking and lending services with financial development tools and public policy advocacy to help families and communities grow financially stronger. Southern Bancorp currently serves over 80,000 customers through its network of 43 branches. Its activities are guided by three strategic pillars:

  • Supporting people in attaining affordable housing
  • Supporting jobs by facilitating entrepreneurship with capital and capacity
  • Empowering people to save

Southern Bancorp is a member of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values, a network of banks using finance to deliver sustainable economic, social and environmental development.

Long-term growth capital

Triodos Microfinance Fund has an equity stake in Southern Bancorp to support its continued development. Southern Bancorp's mission to create economic opportunities for people in underserved communities makes it a very good fit for Triodos Microfinance Fund's long-term and mission-aligned growth capital.