Best impact measurement/impact reporting

In their assessment of Triodos IM’s 2020 impact report, the judges were “impressed” by the number of integrated globally recognised frameworks and noted that the “comprehensiveness” of the levels of impact assessment “stood out” from the crowd. “It is clear that Triodos Investment Management is a leader in this space and has extensive experience with impact reporting,” one judge said. 

Nikkie Pelzer, impact manager at Triodos IM, commented: “We are proud to receive this accolade for our impact reports. This recognition strengthens our ambition to lead the industry in terms of impact depth, reach, and reporting capabilities, and to remain sharp for constant improvement. Our next steps will be to elaborate our climate risk management and disclosure and to further strengthen our proprietary impact assessment tooling. Among our next steps to further improve are to elaborate on our climate risk management and disclosure and to further strengthen our proprietary impact assessment tooling.” 

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Fund of the year – listed equity: Triodos Pioneer Impact Fund 

Its strong financial performance and measurable positive impact throughout the year 2020 brought Triodos Pioneer Impact Fund the ‘Fund of the year – listed equity’ award. 

“In 2020, despite the uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic, the fund’s assets under management grew by 37%”, said Thibaud Bastien, product marketer at Triodos IM.  “The fund largely outperformed the market, with a 2020 return of 22% net of fees and transaction costs.” 

Dirk Hoozemans, the fund manager, added: “This award is a great recognition and strengthens our commitment to invest in the winners of tomorrow: small and mid-sized companies that are key in building an economy that is fit for the future. These companies are making waves where it counts.” 

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