According to the jury report: “Triodos Fair Share Fund has been convincing for a long time with stable returns of a few percent and is therefore an interesting diversifier in an investment portfolio. 2021 was a remarkably strong year for the fund, in which the (rare) loss year 2020 was more than compensated. The jury also finds the financial and non-financial reports clear and well-organised.”

Marc Janson received the award on behalf of Triodos Investment Management.

Fund Manager Tim Crijns: “This award is a well-deserved recognition for the great effort by our investment team in managing the investments back to strong recovery through the COVID-19 crisis, and for our investees as well, who turned out to be robust and resilient.”

About Triodos Fair Share Fund

The objective of Triodos Fair Share Fund is to invest in institutions and projects in developing countries and emerging markets, which contribute to development of a sustainable financial sector that is accessible is for all walks of life, with an eye for a balanced longterm social and financial return. Triodos Fair Share Fund achieves this objective through direct and indirect investments in the financial inclusion sector, mainly focused on microfinance and finance of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Explore the 2021 Impact Report of Triodos Fair Share Fund to find out how bringing people and businesses into the financial system empowers them and enables them to get access to basic needs, such as affordable housing, education and clean energy.