STADTSALAT was founded in 2016 by Marcus Berg and Tom Smets, childhood friends and entrepreneurs, who felt there were too few healthy, nutritional and high-quality options when they were looking for takeaway in their native Hamburg. They founded STADTSALAT to address this by selling salads and bowls with fresh and healthy ingredients to delivery and takeaway customers.

A leader in sustainable food
The pair also saw an opportunity to become a leader in sustainable food and so the business sources organic produce, uses recyclable packaging, achieves very low rates of food waste and changes menus on a regular basis to incorporate the best available seasonal local products. It wasn’t just Marcus and Tom who were excited by this opportunity of sustainable and healthy food, the business has grown rapidly over the years, tapping in to increasing awareness by German consumers.

The founders began their careers in tech and so the company has developed proprietary software to largely automate the customer and operational experience. From customer orders, stock ordering, demand forecasting through to management of delivery cycle routes, the business uses its own high quality, integrated technology. As a result, STADTSALAT reduces food waste, purchases just in time fresh ingredients delivered daily to ensure quality and operates a highly efficient in-house production and delivery system.

Re-entering of the German market
With this investment, Triodos Food Transition Europe Fund re-enters the German market. Principal Investment Manager Adam Kybird: “STADTSALAT’s passion for healthy and sustainable food together with best-in-class tech and operations makes them a great addition to our portfolio. These fundamentals underpin what we believe is a unique business, able to serve customers with quick, convenient food which can also improve their health outcomes. We share a deep impact commitment with the founders who want to transform the convenience food sector in Germany to be healthier and more sustainable.” 

Triodos Food Transition Europe Fund

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