Founded in 2014, KoRo started as an online shop with detergent as a first product. They believed that products could be sold online at fair prices by selling higher volumes, using a simple design and cutting out the middlemen in the supply chain. Today, while still applying the same key principles, KoRo has grown into a EUR 100 million+ company with a clear focus on food, selling more than 1,000 products and reaching 1.4 million customers in 17 countries. In addition to its online activities, KoRo is expanding into the retail sales channel with a current presence in more than 9,000 stores. Triodos Food Transition Europe Fund has taken a minority equity stake in the company.

KoRo stands out from its competitors mainly due to its efficient large packs, unique and innovative products, such as the date and hazelnut spread, a wide range of snacks and many other special food products.

Quality and affordability

KoRo puts quality and affordability at the core of its assortment and business activities. KoRo is also committed to improving sustainability of their products, for example by offering the majority of products in bulk packages, which saves packaging waste compared to offline retailers. The food brand strives to keep its supply chain as short as possible and skip intermediaries when possible, to keep its products simple and natural, and to offer a wide range of snacks with no added sugar. On average, their snacks and sweet snacks contain 29% less sugar, 41% more fiber and 29% more proteins than established alternatives, according to KoRo’s own analyses. Over 50% of their assortment is vegan, and more than half of the products sold are organic. Also, KoRo is constantly working on finding more sustainable packaging solutions as well as analysing and mitigating their products' impacts overall.

Poised for growth

KoRo is poised for further growth and aims to expand both its online and retail presence across Europe in the coming years. It will further build and strengthen the KoRo brand and continue enhancing its logistical operations.

"With this new investment, we can further strengthen our foundation and foster sustainable future growth. This will not only prepare us for exciting challenges, but also give us the freedom to drive innovation at both sustainability and product level", says KoRO CEO Florian Schwenkert. "Despite the uncertain economic situation, we will be able to reach sustainable growth and a turnover of over EUR 100 million in 2023. This emphasises that our products and business offering precisely align with customers' demands for high-quality food and transparency and that the need was not just a passing trend", adds KoRo CFO Daniel Kundt.

Fund Manager Adam Kybird: ‘We are very happy to welcome KoRo to our portfolio. KoRo’s commitment to more sustainable and quality food at affordable prices makes them stand out in the market. We see this as a great opportunity to enable more people pursue a diet with a lower impact for our planet. We look forward to contributing to KoRo’s growth and vision in the years ahead.”