With her master’s thesis at Harvard University titled 'Update to Limits to Growth', Gaya Herrington made global headlines. In her research she assessed whether the predictions of the original 'Limits to growth' report from 1972 are supported based on today’s data. Her conclusion: the predictions made back then still hold through today. Without major changes to our use of resources, economic growth will peak around 2040 and then rapidly decline. In this new podcast episode with Hans Stegeman, Gaya elaborates on her 'Five insights to avoid global collapse'. Together they explore the systemic changes that need to happen if we want to avoid ecosystem breakdown.

Gaya Herrington is Vice President Sustainability Research at Schneider Electric and Advisor to the Club of Rome.

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Hans Stegeman, Chief Economist at Triodos Bank, dives into the concept of economic transformation and transformative investments. By talking to different thought leaders, he aims to find out what is needed to make our economy more sustainable and how to finance the transitions we urgently need in society.