In this episode of our podcast series Inside Impact Investing, Hans Stegeman talks to Ecological Economist and Sustainability Researcher Dr. Jennifer Hinton about how to make our economy less dependent on growth and the role of business in achieving this. Jennifer elaborates on the key insights of her research into post-growth economics.

Jennifer and Hans discuss the following topics:

  • the role of business - finance in particular - in the current unsustainable system
  • how to diminish our dependency on growth
  • the role it should play in the transition to a post-growth economy

 Jennifer Hinton is a researcher at Lund University and a senior research fellow at the Schumacher Institute. In her work, she focuses on how societies relate to profit and how this relationship affects global sustainability challenges.

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Hans Stegeman, Chief Economist at Triodos Bank, dives into the concept of economic transformation and transformative investments. By talking to different thought leaders, he aims to find out what is needed to make our economy more sustainable and how to finance the transitions we urgently need in society.