In conversation with Chief Economist Hans Stegeman, Parrique addresses popular misconceptions about degrowth and post-growth by explaining how it works. They also discuss the role of the financial sector in a post-capitalist economy. “What we have done so far, has not worked, not a bit. We are still investing more in the stuff we should divest from. We need to be bolder, be prepared to take more risk, and reconsider the financing model, as a financial sector.”

Hans and Timothée discuss:

  • What degrowth is and what it is not
  • How to develop into a degrowth society
  • What the role of finance is in a degrowth society
  • How to set a degrowth transition in motion

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Hans Stegeman, Chief Economist at Triodos Bank, dives into the concept of economic transformation and transformative investments. By talking to different thought leaders, he aims to find out what is needed to make our economy more sustainable and how to finance the transitions we urgently need in society.