Distributed generation

Brazil has a dynamic and well-developed renewable energy market. The country has the appropriate legislative and regulatory frameworks to promote the development of renewable energy sources. This includes a regulation for distributed generation, allowing consumers to generate their own electricity from renewable resources.

AXS Energia is an experienced player in this segment of the renewable energy market. It makes access to renewable energy easy through its subscription plans. The company has developed an app that allows customers to get discounts on the energy generated by the solar plants. With this app, customers can also access their invoices, look at their energy consumption and track energy savings.

The energy generated by the 14 solar plants will be directly injected into the grid near the point of use, which means it is placed close to the end-consumers, mainly small businesses. The advantages of such a decentralised energy source over centralised energy generating projects are reduced transmission and distribution losses and improved grid stability and security.

The solar plants are currently under construction. They are expected to start operations in the second quarter of 2024. 

Altynai Valikhanova, Head of Project Debt (renewable energy in emerging markets): ‘We see this transaction – our first in Brazil - as a welcome addition to our renewable energy portfolio in emerging markets. The project boosts distributed renewable energy and has clear environmental and social benefits: reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, provision of energy security, and employment and income opportunities. It also solidifies our relationship with CIFI, a reputed player in infrastructure and energy projects in Latin America.”