Access to higher education, such as universities, is limited in Mexico due to insufficient government infrastructure to accommodate all potential students. This creates a significant barrier for many young people seeking advanced education. The limited capacity of public universities has led to the emergence of private institutions attempting to address the educational shortfall.

Only 2% of the 1.8 million students in over 2,500 private universities have a student loan. This means that most students rely on their parent’s capacity to put them through university, restricting access to higher education for numerous prospective students from low- and middle-income backgrounds.

Laudex fills this gap by providing access to educational opportunities through competitive financing aligned with students’ needs. It provides education loans to individuals who’d like to enroll for an (under)graduate study at a private university. The loans are optimised to  facilitate the student’s ability to repay based on a unique risk-based pricing model, a robust online approval platform and strong partnerships with universities.

Since its start, Laudex has
changed the lives of around 30,000 individuals who were able to continue with their educational growth, both in Mexico and abroad.

The investment in Laudex fits very well with the innovation and diversification strategy of Triodos Microfinance Fund and Triodos Fair Share Fund. Moreover, it enables the funds to support and enable access to a basic need, the one of education.