How to report on impact is a much-debated topic within the impact investing industry. To create a common ground for impact reporting, Impact Frontiers Executive Director Mike McCreless has created a set of impact reporting norms, based on a public consultation. Together with Impact Manager Rebecca Spohrer, Rosl Veltmeijer discusses these norms and how they were developed as well as the general challenges and pitfalls of impact performance reporting.

An important conclusion is that standard KPIs often do not quite fit. A good KPI is a KPI impact investors trust to be a true and valid indicator of the impact they are trying to create and that the stakeholders experiencing the impact have expressed is important to them.

Moderator Rosl Veltmeijer

That’s the kind of KPI that feels justified to make (investment) decisions on and managing towards as an organisation. Standardisation only makes sense if there's general consensus on what should be measured and what the underlying concept of different indicators is.

Getting to a balance of standardised and comparable KPIs, supported by standardised and comparable concepts, will be the next evolution in impact management.

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