The circular economy is the alternative to our current linear economy, which is founded on growth. We use vast quantities of resources to make things, which we consume and then throw away. This system uses up finite raw materials and produces vast quantities of waste. By 2050, we will be consuming the amount of resources from three planets Earth.

Nancy Bocken and Hans Stegeman discuss what is needed to change our current system and what the role of finance therein is. 

Their main conclusion: As a circular economy goes completely against the logic of our current market economies, which thrive on profit and high turnover, we must fundamentally rethink the logic of markets, including the role of investors therein. Redesigning and rebuilding what we have been building for many years will be very complex and requires a technological, financial, behavioural transformation and new business models, based on new policies, such as the European Green Deal.

However, even if we still have a long way to go, both see promising developments, with circularity becoming more mainstream and scaling up.

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