The Urban Woods Delft building has a modular and demountable construction, allowing for the layout to be adjusted as need change. It will be among the tallest buildings in the Netherlands  that are made entirely of certified sustainable wood, without a concrete core. It is  constructed with a tree-saving technique and the use of biobased materials – such as cross-laminated timber and flax – greatly contributes to a lower environmental footprint. The complex will consist of eleven floors including a (bike) basement. There are various types of (multi-room) apartments, ranging from approximately 40 m2 to 65 m2, all with one or more green balconies.

The designs by The Urban Woods are based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and ensure the best use of scarce resources and space. The building in Delft is wrapped in gardens, planted to bring back biodiversity to the city.

Living tailored to individual needs
With an app, residents can manage their energy needs and avail additional services, such as guest/workspace, shared transportation and cleaning. The app provides a lot of information with which the concept can be constantly adjusted and/or improved. Think of information for tenants to use appliances when the sun is shining.

Willy Bulsink, fund manager Triodos Groenfonds: “Urban Woods’ 360 degrees approach to sustainability makes this building an excellent fit with Triodos. The circular rental apartments will set an inspiring example for the real estate sector, both in the Netherlands and worldwide.”