Bina Artha’s areas of operations are spread over Java, with a focus on rural areas. It has recently introduced a sanitation loan that allows people to install an in-house toilet. With this sanitation loan Bina Artha addresses a key challenge in Indonesia: 40% of the population in Indonesia, 100 million people, still has no access to proper sanitation. Many use a makeshift facility on farmland or a ditch.

This example illustrates the role that inclusive finance plays in supporting other goals beyond those of stimulating entrepreneurship and economic growth, in particular with regard to the fulfilment of basic needs, such as, in the case of Bina Artha, access to clean sanitation.

Impact figures 2016

Number of loan clients


Percentage female clients


Percentage rural clients


Average loan amount

EUR 114

The loan provided by Hivos-Triodos, Triodos Fair Share Fund, and Triodos Microfinance Fund supports Bina Artha in realising this ambition.

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