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As an impact investor, we go beyond ESG. We go beyond exclusions. How? We focus on solutions. We select companies that develop solutions to the world's most critical sustainability challenges.

Our impact approach

Triodos impact equities and bond funds manage impact through four pillars to ensure the portfolios remain fully anchored in sustainable solutions.

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Triodos Transition Themes

Based on the challenges presented by global mega-trends we have distilled seven key transition themes. These interconnected themes derive from demographic, technological, environmental, geopolitical, social, and economic trends that we believe will shape our world in the coming years. Within these seven themes, we look for and invest in companies and organisations that materially contribute to the transition toward a sustainable society, through their products and services, or through their business practices. In the investment approach of our listed equities and bond funds, we stress the contribution of investments to one or more of these themes, but also assure that they do not impede other transitions. Check out the individual transition themes below.

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Our team has a long track record of successful asset management, each fund manager with over 20 years in the industry.


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