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Impact strategy

Creating positive impact through public equities and bonds

How we are different

As an impact investor, we go beyond ESG. We go beyond exclusions. How? We focus on solutions. We select companies that develop solutions to the world's most critical sustainability challenges.

Our impact approach

Triodos impact equities and bond funds manage impact through four pillars to ensure the portfolios remain fully anchored in sustainable solutions.

Our stewardship approach

We integrate stewardship in every aspect of the investment management process to promote sustainable value creation for all our stakeholders, through engagement, voting and advocacy. This starts from the moment company analysis begins and develops into a relationship, including dialogue and voting, throughout the holding period of the company in our investment portfolios.

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Impact report

International recognition

We need to accelerate vital transitions

Deep changes in human systems and institutions need to take place to achieve our vision for a prosperous life for people on a thriving planet. We have identified five interlinked transitions for transformation: the food transition, resource transition, energy transition, societal transition and the wellbeing transition. Our mission as a financial player is to enable and accelerate these vital transitions. Our transformative approach moves beyond considerations on past impact and practices, encouraging a long-term system change approach to banking and investment activities. It explicitly adopts a forward-looking lens to the object of financing and investment, seeking to foster a deep transition which is defined as a series of interconnected system changes that transform society in a fundamental way.

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Our team has a long track record of successful asset management, each fund manager with over 20 years in the industry.


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