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We provide equity, mezzanine finance, and green loans to entrepreneurs, manufacturers, developers, and corporate entities

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Types of funding

Triodos Renewables Europe Fund: finances renewable energy projects through equity capital and/or mezzanine loans up to EUR 15 million, supporting project developers and companies in Europe. Triodos Renewables Europe Fund finances both early-stage and operational projects.

Triodos Groenfonds: provides long-term loans to projects in the Dutch market, and to projects in developing markets and emerging economies. The loan size of Triodos Groenfonds in the Netherlands is between EUR 1 million and EUR 50 million. In developing markets and emerging economies, Triodos Groenfonds offers Euro and USD senior loans in the range of EUR/USD 5-15 million, exclusively for solar PV, onshore wind, and small hydro projects. Triodos Groenfonds typically finances projects during construction and in the operational phase.

General requirements

To qualify for investment, both funds look for:

  • Projects developed by experienced developers;
  • Long-term relationships with entrepreneurs;
  • Projects that are renewable energy producing energy assets, such as: off-shore and on-shore wind, PV solar, and rooftop solar, small hydro and energy efficiency projects.

We can also help companies by investing in their CO2 reduction projects. Our involvement enables companies to contribute to the energy transition without diverting capital from their core business.

Application process

If you see a basis for cooperation, then please inform us about your financing requirements. Please submit the following information and documents to start the application process:

  • Basic information about your organisation and short description of your project;
  • Description of your financing requirements;
  • Organisational chart, entities involved in project, and biographies of key persons.

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