Impact strategy

Sustainable Food and Agriculture

Our relationship with the soil and the earth requires a holistic approach that balances our responsibility to the earth’s natural resources and the needs of current and future generations.

Looking for funding?

We invest in the transition to more sustainable agricultural systems and consumption patterns by financing businesses across the supply chain that safeguard nature, promote fairness and transparency, improve livelihoods of farmers and encourage mindful consumption.

Types of funding

Triodos Organic Growth Fund provides long-term mission-aligned private equity to leading European organic and sustainable consumer businesses, with a board representation. Typical investment size is in the EUR 3 million – EUR 10 million range.

Triodos Sustainable Trade Fund offers trade finance and capital expenditure loans to agricultural exporters in Africa, Latin America or Asia that are dedicated to organic production and/or fair trade principles.

General requirements

For European organic food and sustainable consumer businesses

  • Consistent values-based approach, authentic commitment to ‘Triple P’;
  • Track record of successful trading and profitability;
  • Experienced entrepreneur and management team;
  • Minimum turnover of > EUR 5 million;
  • Competitive product positioning;
  • Stable growth prospects;
  • Strong market position, loyal customers and/or strong supply-chain partnerships.

Application process

We need the following information and documents to start the process:

  • Short description of the organisation, including vision and mission;
  • Business plan with 3-5 year projections;
  • Organisational chart and biographies of senior management.

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General requirements

For agricultural exporters in developing countries and emerging economies

  • Financially and commercially sustainable;

  • Minimum annual turnover of USD 1,000,000 or the equivalent in Euros;

  • Three years track record in export;

  • Sustainability certification (such as organic, fair trade, Utz, Rainforest etc) or a conversion plan in place.

Application process

We lend to agricultural exporters located in Africa, Latin America and (Central) Asia who are dedicated to organic production and/or fair trade principles.

Organisations need to:

  • Provide a short description of the organisation, including vision and mission;

  • Brief outline of the products to be financed and the amount and timing requested;

  • Audited financial accounts for the past 3 years reflecting a healthy balance sheet and a stable performance;
  • Recent quarterly financial accounts.

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