Triodos Fair Share Fund, one of Triodos Investment Management’s impact investing funds, will be listed at Euronext Amsterdam as per 1 January 2019. At the moment, the fund is exclusively available through Triodos Bank Netherlands. With this listing the fund will become available to investors who do not hold an investment account at Triodos Bank.  

Investing in microfinance
Triodos Fair Share Fund invests in microfinance. Since inception the fund has grown to a volume of EUR 350 million, allowing it to provide finance to around 100 microfinance institutions and banks in 40 countries in Afrika, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe. These institutions provide services to people on  low incomes and small and medium sized enterprises who have no or limited access to financial services.

Fund Manager Tim Crijns: “Through this listing at Euronext Amsterdam, the distribution opportunities of the fund will expand considerably. By doing so, we address the broad interest of investors to invest in microfinance. It also fits our vision to make impact investing available for a wider audience, specifically for retail investors.”    

Fund and listing agent
Triodos Fair Share Fund will be listed at Euronext Amsterdam as per 1 January as an open-ended fund for mutual account, segment Euronext Fund Services. KAS BANK NV will act as fund agent for the fund and will be responsible for all orders placed in the stock exchange order book. Furthermore, Kas Bank NV will act as listing agent for the fund. KAS BANK also performs these tasks for Triodos Groenfonds and Triodos Multi Impact Fund.

See above for full press in Enlish and Dutch as downloadable PDF.