In the first half year of 2018, the assets under management of Triodos Investment Management grew to EUR 4.2 billion (end of 2017: EUR 3.5 billion). Compared to the year-end figures, the total volume of the assets under management increased by 21%. Although the large majority of the Triodos investment funds continued to experience inflow, the strong growth of the asset under management mainly results from taking on the financial asset management of the discretionary portfolios of Triodos Bank Private Banking Netherlands (19%).

Financial asset management SRI activities in-house
In the first half of 2018, Triodos Investment Management finalised the process of bringing the financial asset management activities in-house for the four Triodos SRI funds and the discretionary portfolios of Triodos Bank Private Banking Netherlands. This transition allows Triodos Investment Management to more holistically integrate the sustainability and financial analysis of public equities and bonds, to strengthen its engagement position with companies and to ultimately improve its investment portfolio even further.

Marilou van Golstein Brouwers, Chair of the Management Board of Triodos Investment Management: “Positive selection is an important aspect of our more integrated SRI-strategy, which allows us to focus our investment activities on companies that actively contribute to the transition towards a sustainable society. We believe by doing so it is possible to further drive the sustainable transition through participation in the public capital markets. I’m pleased we can increasingly enable our clients to strengthen their contribution to positive change through our SRI funds.”

Triodos Culture Fund
In the first half of 2018, Triodos Investment Management proposed to the shareholders in Triodos Culture Fund to transfer the fund’s portfolio to Triodos Bank Netherlands and to dissolve the fund. This proposal was accepted by the shareholders in the fund during the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on 25 May 2018, after which the portfolio was transferred to Triodos Bank Netherlands and the shareholders received the full intrinsic value of their investments in the fund. Triodos Culture Fund represented EUR 86 million in assets under management at the time it was dissolved.

As per the first of January 2018, Triodos Investment Management has taken on the fund management of the Sustainability | Finance | Real Economies Fund, also known as the SFRE Fund (pronounced Sapphire). The fund was launched in March 2015 by the Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV). It is the first global open-ended investment fund created to deploy long-term and mission aligned capital to support the growing segment of values-based banks and to expand their impact and reach. The fund has an evergreen approach, aiming to safeguard its investee companies’ independence, entrepreneurship and mission. The fund therefor invests for the long term and is not driven by exits. As per 30 June 2018, the fund’s total committed capital amounted to USD 44 million.

Developments Triodos investment funds in the first half of 2018
In the first half of 2018, Triodos Organic Growth Fund realised an expansion of 12.2% to EUR 55.2 million. The Triodos SRI funds collectively grew by 7.2% to EUR 1,505 million and Triodos Vastgoedfonds increased by 7.5% to EUR 79.4 million. Triodos Renewables Europe Fund increased its assets under management by 2.4% to EUR 71.7 million. Triodos Groenfonds experienced an increase in assets under management of 2.3% to EUR 869.2 million. Triodos Fair Share Fund and Triodos Microfinance Fund noted an increase in assets under management of 1.0% to EUR 357.0 million and 1.3% to EUR 373.1, respectively. Triodos Multi Impact Fund decreased by 13.3% to EUR 39.6 million.

More detailed information on the financial performance of the above-mentioned funds is available through the fund’s semi-annual reports, which will be published on 31 August 2018 via

Triodos investment funds offer investors the opportunity to directly invest in sustainable sectors. These sectors range from inclusive finance, sustainable energy and organic food and agriculture, to sustainable real estate and listed companies with an above-average social and environmental performance.