Triodos Investment Management is introducing three distinct equity and bond mixed funds that are managed to Defensive, Neutral and Offensive risk-return profiles. The new mixed funds are variations of the original Triodos Sustainable Mixed Fund, with the original fund being converted into the neutral profile fund.

With a balanced portfolio of equities and bonds, the new profile funds allow investors to benefit from the advantages of two different asset classes in one investment. The funds are managed to specific risk-return profiles with the following strategic asset allocations: 

Triodos Impact Mixed Funds

Equities %

Bonds %


~ 25%

~ 75%


~ 50%

~ 50%


~ 75%

~ 25%

Erik Breen, Director Impact Equities and Bonds at Triodos IM: “From the perspective of investors, exposure to appropriate levels of risk is a key consideration when determining investment strategy. The launch of the new profile funds with different risk/return-levels clearly meets investors’ need for a wider range of funds carefully designed to suit different risk appetites, in combination with a dedicated focus on positive social and ecological impact..

The funds’ investment selections are determined by integrated financial and impact analysis, based on Triodos IM’s sustainable transition themes, top-down investment outlook, and bottom-up portfolio considerations, and taking the Triodos’ group-wide minimum environmental and social standards into account.

Furthermore, the portfolios are constructed using a look-through construction of Triodos IM’s equity fund and bond fund. The funds have global exposure and invest primarily in large cap companies across developed markets, and in euro-denominated corporate bonds, sub-sovereign bonds, sovereign bonds and designated green and social bonds.

Distribution of shares of the new funds will start as per 21 June 2019.

Renaming the public equity and bond funds
Besides the launch of the new profile funds in June, all Triodos public equity and bond funds will be renamed as per today.

As the sustainable investment landscape continues to grow with increasing nuance, Triodos IM identified the need to more effectively and accurately convey the impact approach used by its public equity and bond funds. Acting on this awareness, the funds will be renamed to more closely align with their impact investment propositions.

Jacco Minnaar, Chair of the Management Board of Triodos Investment Management: “We observe that the terms ‘Socially Responsible’ and ‘Sustainable’ have numerous interpretations within the asset management industry. Both terms represent a spectrum that includes many ‘shades of green’, from light surface level ESG integration to dark green impact investing. We believe that the new fund names better demonstrate what our investments in listed companies and entities seek to do.” 

Previous Fund Name

New Fund Name

Triodos Sustainable Equity Fund

Triodos Global Equities Impact Fund

Triodos Sustainable Bond Fund

Triodos Euro Bond Impact Fund

Triodos Sustainable Pioneer Fund

Triodos Pioneer Impact Fund

Triodos Sustainable Mixed Fund

Triodos Impact Mixed Fund - Neutral


Triodos Impact Mixed Fund - Defensive


Triodos Impact Mixed Fund - Offensive

In addition to the name change of the funds, the overall Triodos IM strategy for investing in exchange-listed companies and publicly traded bonds will be renamed from ‘Socially Responsible Investing’ to ‘Impact Equities and Bonds’.