Triodos Organic Growth Fund is part of a consortium that has taken a minority stake in Beendhi, a Paris-based fast-growing company that offers a broad range of vegetarian and organic products. The long-term investment will enable Beendhi to accelerate growth in the coming years, with a clear focus on product innovation. Other consortium partners are Daphni SAS, Spice Capital and Quadia S.à.r.l. The total investment amounts to EUR 4.0 million        

Beendhi was founded five years ago by Beena Paradin Migotto who is committed to offer tasty, healthy, organic, affordable and convenient food products to the increasing population of flexitarians and vegetarians. The company sells ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat cereals. All ingredients are organically grown, unprocessed and selected for their flavor and premium quality. All recipes are based on Ayurvedic principles.

The funding will enable Beendhi to expand its range from 50 to 500 recipes, thereby tailoring its products to the needs of each customer. The company will also develop its online platform, strengthening relations with customers and suppliers. And it will build up an innovative and even more locally-based production model.

“This stage is essential for the development of Beendhi, which aims to personalise food through an innovative and flexible production model,” say Beena Paradin Migotto and Yannick Migotto. “The quality and complementarity of our new partners will be a great asset to the company.”

First investment in France
Beendhi is the first investment of Triodos Organic Growth Fund in the French market. The organic food market in France has been growing very quickly in the last few years. The fund believes that the French organic food market will continue to grow in the coming years and is therefore committed to grow its presence in this key market.

A new food system
Triodos Organic Growth Fund advocates a new food system. A system in which we work with, instead of against nature, and one that does not cause damage to the soil or biodiversity. Also, we need to change to a healthier diet, with less processed and animal-based food and more plant-based food. And finally, the food system must become a fair system, in which every link in the chain receives a fair wage. Connecting producers and consumers and the revaluation of our food play an important role in this.

Jurriën Appers, Fund Manager of Triodos Organic Growth Fund: “A shift in consumption patterns and food habits is essential in the transition towards a sustainable food system. We need to move from resource-intensive, animal-based food to more plant-based diets. With its offering of tasty vegetarian food products at reasonable prices, Beendhi has the potential to play an instrumental role in this transition. We welcome this frontrunner to our investment portfolio and are very much looking forward to contribute to Beendhi’s growth in the coming years.” 

Please find the press release by Beendhi as downloadable pdf above.

In December 2020, Triodos Organic Growth Fund was renamed Triodos Food Transition Europe Fund.