Triodos Investment Management (Triodos IM), is renaming two of its impact funds to better match their investment approach. Triodos Renewables Europe Fund will be renamed to Triodos Energy Transition Europe Fund. Triodos Organic Growth Fund will be renamed to Triodos Food Transition Europe Fund. The name change will be effective as per 19 December 2020.

Driven by the ongoing acceleration of the energy and food transition, Triodos IM has identified the need to more effectively and accurately convey the impact investment approach used by the funds focusing on these specific transition themes. Acting on this awareness, the two funds will be renamed to more closely align with their investment strategies.

Triodos Organic Growth Fund, as per 19 December renamed into Triodos Food Transition Europe Fund, invests in the transition towards sustainable consumption and production, providing long-term mission-aligned private capital to leading European organic food and sustainable consumer businesses. 

Triodos Renewables Europe Fund, renamed moving forward into Triodos Energy Transition Europe Fund, invests in wind farms, solar photovoltaic and solar thermal installations across Europe.