Triodos Vastgoedfonds N.V., i.l. (“Triodos Vastgoedfonds”), is taking the final steps in the process to end the fund’s activities following the decision taken at the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders on 29 October 2019 to dissolve the fund. Tomorrow, 10 January 2020, the final payment to shareholders will be made and the fund will be delisted from Euronext Amsterdam.  

Final payment to shareholders
Following the sale of the fund’s portfolio, an initial interim payment was made to the shareholders of Triodos Vastgoedfonds of EUR 2,60 per share at the beginning of October 2019. The fund now provides a final payment to its shareholders of EUR 0,66565 per share. Resulting from lower than anticipated obligations related to the process of ending the fund’s activities, the final payment is higher than the estimate which was provided at the time of the interim payment.

The final payment will be made payable on 10 January 2020 to investors in the fund who were holding shares when the trading was suspended on 7 January 2020 in order to ensure an orderly process for the final payment.

Delisting Euronext Amsterdam
The shares of Triodos Vastgoedfonds will be delisted from Euronext Amsterdam as per 10 January 2020.