Triodos Food Transition Europe Fund has obtained a minority shareholding in CrowdFarming, the leading European impact platform for the direct sale of organic products. The fund has co-invested together with two Spanish investors Q-Impact and Seaya Ventures.

The mission of CrowdFarming, based in Spain, is to democratise the food supply chain by enabling direct sales from producers to consumers: “A growing number of consumers are seeking to buy their food directly from producers, and at the same time producers are looking for sales channels without intermediaries. It’s not a trend, it’s a much-needed revolution in the world’s most inefficient supply chain. CrowdFarming is a one-stop-shop that offers farmers the tools they need to create their own direct sales channel”, explains Gonzalo Úrculo, farmer and co-founder of CrowdFarming.

CrowdFarming provides farmers with logistics, customer service, packaging and marketing services. The invention of an adoption system, enabling the consumer to actively contribute to sustainable farming by financing a tree and receiving the harvest in exchange, has proven a major game changer in regard to building a relationship between producer and consumer and the fight against food waste. The company is disrupting the farmer-to-consumer industry and has become the market leader with around 200 farmers selling their products to 350.000 final consumers all over Europe.

Adam Kybird, senior investment manager at Triodos Investment Management: “We are very pleased to join CrowdFarming on its exciting journey. The company’s focus on sustainable and responsible farming practices, fair and stable prices for farmers, and a true connection between farmers and consumers fits in seamlessly with the impact thesis of our fund. CrowdFarming is a true European frontrunner, and we are happy to contribute to its positive impact and growth going forward”.

The company will use the newly received funds to facilitate the entrance of new farmers in the marketplace, improve logistics, and help more farms obtain the EU’s organic certification.

More information also available in the downloadable full press release from CrowdFarming.