Triodos Investment Management has appointed Rosl Veltmeijer as Fund Manager of Triodos Sterling Bond Impact Fund as per 1 January 2023. She will combine this new role with her current role as Portfolio Manager Fixed Income for the sustainable discretionary portfolios of Triodos Bank Private Banking.

Rosl Veltmeijer has been working for Triodos Investment Management already since 2001. She joined the portfolio management team in 2017. Before that she was Head of Research, in which role she was responsible for developing and applying sustainable investment criteria and Triodos IM’s engagement activities.

Rosl Veltmeijer on her appointment: “I have been involved in Triodos Sterling Bond Fund since its inception and as such I’m very happy to take on the daily management of the fund. I am passionate about impact investing, and I look forward to applying this passion and my expertise to maximize the positive impact for Triodos Sterling Bond Impact Fund.”

Rosl holds a master’s degree in Social Banking and Social Finance from the University of Plymouth and a master’s degree in Investment Management from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VBA).

Triodos Sterling Bond Impact Fund is a Sterling denominated fund that aims to generate positive impact and stable income from a concentrated portfolio of investment-grade, GBP denominated bonds issued by listed companies, semi-public institutions and UK gilts.